Monday, December 4, 2023

December FREE Fantasy Book Fairs - Try New Authors FREE!

Every month, authors work together to offer themed book collections so readers can try a new series risk free! Like what you read? Stick around and read more! Book wasn't for you? No big, just try another freebie and find a new series to devour. 

December Fantasy Book Fairs - BARGAIN Reads for the Holidays!

Every month, authors collaborate to offer themed book collections!

It's like the old Scholastic book fairs of our childhood, except you can browse these collections in your PJ's as their all online. Click any image to browse the book fairs. Happy reading!


Wednesday, October 25, 2023


10/25/2023 - Hello Witches!

Sorry, if you're suddenly unable to locate a book in  your store of choice. 

We are doing some overdue housekeeping which means some books will not be available for a few days or so. 

Please hang tight and check back very soon!

We're doing our best to make these updates as fast as possible....